Trucking Drivers

In the field of transportation, dangerous issues can occur for the truck drivers while they are transporting shipments via roads. Even the most experienced drivers can face challenges while driving on the roads. At WLT Logistics Inc., we have experienced drivers who take extensive measures to keep the road safety intact while transporting shipments. This can be seen from the success stories of complete shipments that WLT Logistics have carried out so far.

Presented below are some precautionary measures that truck drivers can take to avoid potential road dangers and accidents:

  1. The very first rule is to keep distance from other vehicles. This is a very important rule that ensures safety from rear-end collisions. On the road, the vehicles in the front can apply their brakes suddenly. If the truck coming from behind do not maintain proper distance, the chances of collision become highly likely. Heavy vehicles have specially designed brakes that support the heavy weight that they are carrying. However, on their way back, when such vehicles are empty, they have lower levels of traction. The braking process, at such times, need to be carefully managed to avoid any bouncing or locking up of the wheels.
  2. Another preliminary step is to check the truck thoroughly prior to starting the shipment journey. Although drivers regularly check their trucks. However, when shipments are on-board, an additional checking can save from potential road damages. Check for the mirrors and windows to be clean, tires to be in perfect shape, fuel capacity to be at its maximum and other aspects as well.
  3. Avoid taking any sudden actions! It’s a good thing to keep your speed at a consistent level. Suddenly increasing or decreasing the speed can cause problems not only for the truck drivers, but also for other people who are driving around. If someone else’s actions cause to react in a sudden way, even then go for maneuvering around them rather than opting for a sudden brake. This will keep you and the other party safe and sound.
  4. Take care of yourself too because if the driver is not feeling well then, he cannot concentrate completely on driving. Having a nutritious meal and keeping yourself well-hydrated should be practiced. Also, keeping perishable food with you during shipment is suggested to avoid any unnecessary delays. This is imperative because you should have breaks of so time to rest your body, especially for stretching your legs.
  5. Use technology to enhance the driving experience! Technical advancements have also been applied to the driving domain of logistics and supply chain. GPS tracking, fleet management software, dashcams and ELDs should be used by the drivers to experience smooth and flawless shipment journeys. Dashcams help trucks on the road to see if some other vehicle is suddenly changing lanes or applying brakes.
  6. Hours of service rules are related to driver fatigue – a very common element of road accidents. Follow the HOS rules and your road safety is ensured. Non violation of these rules can cause problems for the company as well.

These are some of the basic driving rules that a good logistics company asks their drivers to comply with. In WLT Logistics Inc., we adhere strictly with all these rules and our drivers provide us with complete and thorough reporting of their shipment journeys to keep records. Furthermore, online tracking also allows us to track their movements and allow us to remove potential damaging factors from a smooth journey.        


Transportation Metrics – Improving Overall Performance

21st century has witnessed many changes in the domain of supply chain and transportation and things have sped up even rigorously during the past two years. Within the area of transportation, tracking and tracking metrics have always played pivotal roles. Through proper transportation metrics, dealing with both known and unknown events can be easier for logistics companies. At WLT Logistics Inc., we strive to adopt to advanced and objective data-driven transportation metrics in order to provide once-in-a-lifetime experience to our clients.

Enhanced end-to-end visibility is the major benefit that transportation metrics provide to the transportation companies. This makes the companies more reliable and trustworthy for the clients as well. Furthermore, such metrics can also allow the companies to develop new and sophisticated supply chain policies and strategies in accordance with the changing situations on the road. Overall, transportation metrics can change the entire overlook of any logistics and transportation company altogether.

Given below is a list of some of the major transportation metrics that the logistics companies should track for enhanced performance:

Timely pick-up and delivery refer to transportation metrics that help the companies to identify carriers that comply with the contractual obligations of the companies and shipments. Through tracking these areas, the companies can collect all those carriers who can increase the profits and let go of the carriers that are more prone towards losses.

Actual versus posted transit time is the change in time windows as was posted at the time of quoting opposite to the actual time that the delivery took. Tracking this metrics allows the company to prepare, beforehand, for any inconvenience that the customers can experience due to delay in shipments. WLT Logistics Inc., focuses strictly on this aspect to develop strong rapport with the clients and customers.

Cost per pound per mile allows companies to point out the carrier who offer lowest all-in rates for transportation when it comes to quoting. This is the easiest metric to track and WLT Logistics Inc., actively follow its dimensions throughout all its services.

Another vital transportation metrics is tracking the claims ratio i.e., of all the shipments that a carrier took, how many were damaged or lost? This helps in identifying those carriers that transport shipments with maximum caution and care. In this way, such carriers are selected for future shipments too. This leads to many happy customers for the company and therefore WLT Logistics Inc., tracks this metrics cautiously and regularly as well.

Tracking transportation metrics is both an easy and difficult task, depending on the metrics being tracked. Some companies perform these tasks on their own, while some companies use the services of third-party companies to carry out these tasks. In each case a deeper understanding of the logistics domain, logistics data and other required information is essential for tracking the transportation metrics. WLT Logistics Inc., tracks these transportation metrics on regular basis to hire the services of the carriers that can lead to promising future prospects for the company in the longer run. 


Why To Opt for Digitalization in Logistics

Internet-of-things (IoT) has taken the entire world by storm and the domain of logistics and transportation has also tasted this highly enriched domain to a larger extent. Digital logistics, undoubtedly, has become the talk of the town recently. It encompasses an all-inclusive view of all the processes that are involved in logistics and transportation from the beginning to the end. WLT Logistics Inc., also believes in updating themselves with the current flow of digitalization. We offer different digital solutions to our clients in order to make their experiences as smooth as is possible! Wanna know why digitalization is the hype? Follow us!

Digitalization is the future

The world started becoming digital quite some time ago. However, the arrival of the universal pandemic made the transition even faster for every sphere of life, including logistics. Now the situation is like: everything has become digital and this trend is going to exist forever! For survival in such a digital world, every work of line must comply accordingly. Afterall, digitalization has the basic aim of making business transparent and solutions more reliable!

As far as logistics and supply chain is concerned, digitalization has led to paperless billing, digital back-office services, real time freight rates, real time order tracking and many other aspects as well. We, at WLT Logistics Inc., have also improvised these changes accordingly. We offer our clients with software through which they can easily track their shipments from the beginning till the end. Likewise, paperless billing has been incorporated efficiently in our operations and services. Our clients can generate queries and receive quotes quicker now.

Time and cost efficiency

Time is of essence when it comes to supply chain and logistics. Perfectly timing every individual process of transportation always leads to ultimate and long-term success. Delays, on the other hand, not only waste time but also causes cost-related issues as well.

Automating emails and faxes allows companies to save time as opposite to waiting for individuals to answer each email or fax separately. Similarly, rather than making calls for tracking and asking for quotes, it is much faster and less costly to utilize automated services. WLT offers all these automated services for its clients so that the clients can have a hassle-free experience with us.

End-to-end visibility

Real-time tracking of the shipments through digitalization has proved to be a crucially important element. Through digitalization, accurate ETAs can be planned to overcome any potential delay in shipment and deliveries.

Route optimization is yet another benefit of end-to-end visibility through digitalization. With bulk of data available, potential barriers and causes of delays can be managed beforehand so as to ensure a smooth transportation service.

The results are evident: WLT Logistics Inc., have happy customers and successful completion of shipments.

Benefit of data-based insights

Digitalization can allow companies to collect data from other companies with the same operations. For instance, a logistics company can share data with other logistics companies to focus on more efficiencies than before. However, this is still something that is under process because shareholders need to work with each other solely on basis of data to achieve this unique goal for success of the logistics domain. Digital transformation of logistics is a milestone in attaining this huge benefit in the upcoming future of the transportation business.


Efficiency gain is the basic benefit that digitalization has brought in the logistics and supply chain domain.

This is true in terms of both time and cost. Teams can now operate with more transparencies and this has led to satisfied customers. Digitalization has also made companies to achieve their business goals quite easily. So, if you want to get the best of transportation services, feel free to contact WLT Logistics Inc., as we strictly follow digitalization in most of our operations, both internally and externally.

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Transportation in 2021: Where do we Stand!

2021 has been a year of rapid changes and it would not be wrong if we designate the present times as the most unpredictable times in human history. All spheres of life have undergone changes owing to the pandemic of COVID-19. Logistics and transportation have also experienced changes in requirements of the customers, rates of transportation, need for more transparency and many other aspects as well. At WLT Logistics Inc., we have worked hard to provide our best services to our client even in such times of unpredictability and volatility.

Carriers-related Issues

Since the advent of COVID-19, logistics and transportation has experienced a shrieking halt and the situation has not yet returned to its previous operations. When it comes to capacity to supply ratio, still supply demand is more than the capacity. All this has led to increased rate volatility in the field. Labor has also not returned to its previous positioning as drivers are scarcely returning to the market. This shortage of drivers has led to cases of scam carriers where illegal and fraud carriers are offering their services to transportation companies.

WLT Logistics’ Expert Team and Advanced Technical Help

WLT Logistics Inc., has an expert team and advanced tech to tackle with such issues. Our team focuses solely on the qualifications and experiences of the potential carriers to choose only the legal and certified drivers for our operations. With the help of advanced tech systems, we assure our clients that all our staff and work go through legal portals only!   

Need for Transparency and Visibility

Apart from carrier selection, another issue in present times is that of visibility. Customers, today, only go for the companies that are capable enough to bring forth transparency and visibility throughout their shipments. Through real-time data and advanced technical aspects, WLT Logistics Inc., practically offers the ability to solve as well as prevent possible losses. We believe in solving the issues before they can become crises.

How Things Work at WLT Logistics

WLT Logistics Inc. assesses and changes its approaches towards work from time to time. We check where we are standing on regular basis. This allows us to choose and implement the right transportation strategy for our shipments. All this enables us to provide maximum capacity at the most affordable rates to our customers.

WLT Logistics offers all-inclusive service packages to the customers. We have market intelligence, expert professionals, innovative platforms, experienced drivers and many other positive services to ensure that your shipment will arrive at its destination with the utmost levels of safety and care.

If you are interested in our services, feel free to visit our page to see our services and our success stories with different clients!


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, perform a major role in the success of logistics and supply chain businesses. A business following the right KPIs in its operations is highly likely to achieve long term clientele.

  • A straight-forward strategy is what makes the applicability of KPIs possible in actual cases.
  • Never follow manipulation of statistics or numbers to reach ideal KPIs as this will cause more harm than benefits.
  • Think in the boats of the customers i.e., what they need and how they see your company’s performance.
  • Always prefer quality over quantity when it comes to your services.
  • Develop KPIs for each level of management separately, ensuring that clients can understand your company’s strategy and mission at every level easily.
  • Presentation Matters a Lot!!! Keep your presentations to-the-point and engaging so the clients are attracted.
  • Standard KPIs are flawless undoubtedly, but always go for your own individual KPIs too.
  • The only thing that is constant in logistics is “Change”! So, keep on updating your KPIs as well.
  • Actionable KPIs are the building blocks for the success of logistics business! An ideal but unactionable KPI is just a decoration piece.
  • KPIs should never compete with each other if the business has to flow smoothly! Developing less but accurate KPIs is the key to success here.