Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, perform a major role in the success of logistics and supply chain businesses. A business following the right KPIs in its operations is highly likely to achieve long term clientele.

  • A straight-forward strategy is what makes the applicability of KPIs possible in actual cases.
  • Never follow manipulation of statistics or numbers to reach ideal KPIs as this will cause more harm than benefits.
  • Think in the boats of the customers i.e., what they need and how they see your company’s performance.
  • Always prefer quality over quantity when it comes to your services.
  • Develop KPIs for each level of management separately, ensuring that clients can understand your company’s strategy and mission at every level easily.
  • Presentation Matters a Lot!!! Keep your presentations to-the-point and engaging so the clients are attracted.
  • Standard KPIs are flawless undoubtedly, but always go for your own individual KPIs too.
  • The only thing that is constant in logistics is “Change”! So, keep on updating your KPIs as well.
  • Actionable KPIs are the building blocks for the success of logistics business! An ideal but unactionable KPI is just a decoration piece.
  • KPIs should never compete with each other if the business has to flow smoothly! Developing less but accurate KPIs is the key to success here.

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