Trucking Drivers

In the field of transportation, dangerous issues can occur for the truck drivers while they are transporting shipments via roads. Even the most experienced drivers can face challenges while driving on the roads. At WLT Logistics Inc., we have experienced drivers who take extensive measures to keep the road safety intact while transporting shipments. This can be seen from the success stories of complete shipments that WLT Logistics have carried out so far.

Presented below are some precautionary measures that truck drivers can take to avoid potential road dangers and accidents:

  1. The very first rule is to keep distance from other vehicles. This is a very important rule that ensures safety from rear-end collisions. On the road, the vehicles in the front can apply their brakes suddenly. If the truck coming from behind do not maintain proper distance, the chances of collision become highly likely. Heavy vehicles have specially designed brakes that support the heavy weight that they are carrying. However, on their way back, when such vehicles are empty, they have lower levels of traction. The braking process, at such times, need to be carefully managed to avoid any bouncing or locking up of the wheels.
  2. Another preliminary step is to check the truck thoroughly prior to starting the shipment journey. Although drivers regularly check their trucks. However, when shipments are on-board, an additional checking can save from potential road damages. Check for the mirrors and windows to be clean, tires to be in perfect shape, fuel capacity to be at its maximum and other aspects as well.
  3. Avoid taking any sudden actions! It’s a good thing to keep your speed at a consistent level. Suddenly increasing or decreasing the speed can cause problems not only for the truck drivers, but also for other people who are driving around. If someone else’s actions cause to react in a sudden way, even then go for maneuvering around them rather than opting for a sudden brake. This will keep you and the other party safe and sound.
  4. Take care of yourself too because if the driver is not feeling well then, he cannot concentrate completely on driving. Having a nutritious meal and keeping yourself well-hydrated should be practiced. Also, keeping perishable food with you during shipment is suggested to avoid any unnecessary delays. This is imperative because you should have breaks of so time to rest your body, especially for stretching your legs.
  5. Use technology to enhance the driving experience! Technical advancements have also been applied to the driving domain of logistics and supply chain. GPS tracking, fleet management software, dashcams and ELDs should be used by the drivers to experience smooth and flawless shipment journeys. Dashcams help trucks on the road to see if some other vehicle is suddenly changing lanes or applying brakes.
  6. Hours of service rules are related to driver fatigue – a very common element of road accidents. Follow the HOS rules and your road safety is ensured. Non violation of these rules can cause problems for the company as well.

These are some of the basic driving rules that a good logistics company asks their drivers to comply with. In WLT Logistics Inc., we adhere strictly with all these rules and our drivers provide us with complete and thorough reporting of their shipment journeys to keep records. Furthermore, online tracking also allows us to track their movements and allow us to remove potential damaging factors from a smooth journey.        

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