Transportation Metrics – Improving Overall Performance

21st century has witnessed many changes in the domain of supply chain and transportation and things have sped up even rigorously during the past two years. Within the area of transportation, tracking and tracking metrics have always played pivotal roles. Through proper transportation metrics, dealing with both known and unknown events can be easier for logistics companies. At WLT Logistics Inc., we strive to adopt to advanced and objective data-driven transportation metrics in order to provide once-in-a-lifetime experience to our clients.

Enhanced end-to-end visibility is the major benefit that transportation metrics provide to the transportation companies. This makes the companies more reliable and trustworthy for the clients as well. Furthermore, such metrics can also allow the companies to develop new and sophisticated supply chain policies and strategies in accordance with the changing situations on the road. Overall, transportation metrics can change the entire overlook of any logistics and transportation company altogether.

Given below is a list of some of the major transportation metrics that the logistics companies should track for enhanced performance:

Timely pick-up and delivery refer to transportation metrics that help the companies to identify carriers that comply with the contractual obligations of the companies and shipments. Through tracking these areas, the companies can collect all those carriers who can increase the profits and let go of the carriers that are more prone towards losses.

Actual versus posted transit time is the change in time windows as was posted at the time of quoting opposite to the actual time that the delivery took. Tracking this metrics allows the company to prepare, beforehand, for any inconvenience that the customers can experience due to delay in shipments. WLT Logistics Inc., focuses strictly on this aspect to develop strong rapport with the clients and customers.

Cost per pound per mile allows companies to point out the carrier who offer lowest all-in rates for transportation when it comes to quoting. This is the easiest metric to track and WLT Logistics Inc., actively follow its dimensions throughout all its services.

Another vital transportation metrics is tracking the claims ratio i.e., of all the shipments that a carrier took, how many were damaged or lost? This helps in identifying those carriers that transport shipments with maximum caution and care. In this way, such carriers are selected for future shipments too. This leads to many happy customers for the company and therefore WLT Logistics Inc., tracks this metrics cautiously and regularly as well.

Tracking transportation metrics is both an easy and difficult task, depending on the metrics being tracked. Some companies perform these tasks on their own, while some companies use the services of third-party companies to carry out these tasks. In each case a deeper understanding of the logistics domain, logistics data and other required information is essential for tracking the transportation metrics. WLT Logistics Inc., tracks these transportation metrics on regular basis to hire the services of the carriers that can lead to promising future prospects for the company in the longer run. 

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